Property & Casualty Captive Solutions

Property & Casualty Captive Solutions

Does your insurance program give you the greatest ROI?

For many businesses, traditional insurance programs are the only programs ever considered. But that means many organizations overlook the advantages offered by alternative risk programs, such as captives.

At PERMA, we understand that traditional programs aren't always the best fit. That's why we built our Alternative Risk/Captive Practice Group. Through a proprietary Consultative Review approach, we work with each client to identify the risk financing structure - traditional or alternative - that best addresses their risk profile and strategy. After all, our experience has taught us that the right insurance program - whether for property and casualty or for health - will deliver a true return on investment.

Unlike a traditional, fixed-cost insurance plan, a captive is an alternative program that enables your organization to keep the profits typically earned by insurance carriers when losses are low. In a captive, you'll generally receive a broader and more comprehensive risk management solution at equal-to or lesser-than your current costs and you'll have more control throughout the process.

Technically speaking, a captive is an insurance company formed under a special purpose statute whose primary function is financing the risks of its owners, participants or members. There are currently more than 5,500 captives licensed around the globe.

If a captive makes financial sense for your organization, you can expect to gain control over your property and casualty, earn investment income and turn your low-risk history into a financial advantage. Other benefits of captives include:

  • Greater control over your insurance program
  • Greater flexibility in program design
  • Greater program and claims transparency
  • Increased profits and stabilization of costs
  • Enhanced loss protection services
  • Greater access to premiere claims management division

There are numerous types of captives, each one with unique advantages that are best suited for different types of organizations. At PERMA, we focus primarily on three types of captives: Single Parent Captives, Segregated Cell (Rental Captives) and Group Captives.

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