Online Enrollment

Online Enrollment

Most public entities have simply outgrown their existing benefits administration solution. And it's not their fault. Systems that worked well just a few years ago, no longer meet the latest needs and demands of employers and employees.

That's why public entities need access to the latest technology and most advanced solutions to control their benefits administration. Through dedicated resources, cutting-edge technology, and a streamlined process, benefits administration can be converted from a pain point to a point of pride.

Members of a PERMA Health JIF have free access to an award-winning, innovative benefits administration solution, Benefit Express. Through a single, automated, flexible platform, you can manage enrollment transactions for all lines of coverage your entity has in a health JIF.   

Benefit Express isn't just a way to become more organized; it's a way for you to take control of your benefits picture today and prepare for tomorrow.

To access your Benefit Express portal directly, please click on the appropriate link below: